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Leading the Biometric Revolution


Taliware’s patented biometric geo-presence technology securely tethers each person to their smartphone and exact location—making their check-in history definite

The Leader in the Biometrics-Based Geolocation Revolution

Our verified locations check-in technology uses mobile biometrics,—while also using geolocation features for proof of presence and secure identity protection.

Our iOS smartphone-technology confirms an individual’s physical location using Touch and Face ID, which captures their unique fingerprint and facial biometrics.

While there are many geolocation tracking applications, none have the same capacity to create an indisputable location history. Because every check-in is tied to a user’s biometrics, there’s never a question of whether or not a check-in was valid. Taliware’s patented technology ensures this validity.

While our technology is certainly state-of-the-art, it’s also reliable, affordable, and continually evolving to include even more capabilities. Where will Taliware find you?

Who uses Taliware? Taliware’s biometric geo-presence systems are designed to provide persistent authentication and an uncompromisable proof of identity, which has endless use case possibilities. Whether utilized for your children’s safety, to track employees, or to provide court-based evidence, Taliware’s impact potential is far-reaching.

About Taliware:
Founded in 2014 in Palo Alto California, Taliware™ is the developer of patented biometric authentication and location-based software that uses advanced mobile biometrics that provides persistent identity and geolocation verification. 

Taliware Team

Taliware was developed by a team of distinguished experts who have worked together for many years. Taliware’s founders have worked for several global technology companies, have founded their own successful tech companies (including silentclick, which Tailware’s co-founders founded together), and have written innovative patents—including pending patents in geo-identity using 2FA and on the blockchain data securitization. Collectively, their expertise in both GIS and biometrics came together to create the revolutionary technology that is Taliware.

Tarik Tali

Founder, CEO

Tarik is an entrepreneur and computer scientist who received his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from San Jose State University and his MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu.

He began his career as an FPGA hardware engineer at Electronics for Imaging (EFI) in Foster City, CA before serving in various sales and technical marketing roles at Agilent Technologies, a spinoff from Hewlett-Packard where he was the author of the System-on-Chip IP mapping patent.

As an innovator and entrepreneur, Tarik went on to found Taliware after experiencing a biased affidavit discord in court. And as the author of several granted patent claims in geo-presence authentication using cardiac rhythms, he is an expert and leader in both geolocation technology and biometrics. His latest technology combines both biometrics and geolocation for secured identity management —and has boundless impact potential across industries and use cases.

Hassan Zili, Ph.D.

Co-Founder, CTO, Interim COO

An advocate for both academics and research, Hassan holds a master’s degree and Ph.D. in computer science with a focus on spatial remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS), is a laureate of EMI (a prestigious engineering school in Morocco), is on the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies in Tangiers, and has completed research missions at the National Centre for Space Studies in Toulouse.  

Hassan is the author of multiple other patents, including patents in geo-identity authentication using heartbeat cardiac rhythms.

At Taliware, he is responsible for geo-presence fingerprint and cardiac rhythms authentication platforms delivery.

AbdelHak Tali, Ph.D

Co-Founder, and Heart Cardiac Rhythms Data Scientist

AbdelHak has a master’s in both physics and chemistry, and a Ph.D. in digital signal processing. Today AbdelHak is a professor at Tangier Faculty of Science and Technology—among many other things—He is a .NET and Matlab evangelist, machine learning and artificial intelligence enthusiast.

He has collaborated on several research papers and publications in heart signal analysis for heart diseases and atrial fibrillation detection using machine learning and has authored multiple granted patent claims in geo-presence authentication using heartbeat cardiac rhythms.

At Taliware, he is responsible for cardiac rhythms signature algorithms development.

Annemarie Osborne

Director of Communications and Investors Relations

Annemarie Osborne has a B.A. from the University of Minnesota and possesses more than 25 years of experience in professional services, media, high tech, medical device, and interactive learning. She has worked with visionaries in multiple disciplines to launch new business models and develop new markets at MIT, Deloitte Consulting, Cambridge University, ThreeWire, and KnowHow Learning Systems.

Her responsibilities at Taliware include the development and execution of marketing and PR strategies and oversees investor relations.

Hicham El Khamlishi

Sr. Platform Developer

Already holding a B.S. and M.S. in computer science, Hicham is currently working on finishing his Ph.D. in e-health and big data. He is a highly experienced and passionate iOS and Android applications developer.

Proficient with Apple technologies and having worked as the lead developer with several major international firms, Hicham brings a wealth of technical know-how to Taliware as the senior platform developer.

At Taliware, Hicham is responsible for delivering all geo-presence mobile apps.

Trent Lapinski

Blockchain Product Marketing Director

Trent made his impact on Silicon Valley at a young age, building and selling tech companies throughout his twenties as an experienced internet entrepreneur and technology executive. Over the years, he’s ventured into blockchain, cryptocurrencies, ICOs, SaaS, automation, DevOps, fintech, cloud computing, cybersecurity, scalability, and venture capital. His deep technical and business savvy led to becoming a successful CEO and startup founder, which he sold for a successful exit.

Now in his thirties, Trent is an enlightened future-focused technologist with ambitions of building world-changing systems. He is the co-host of the Blockchain Cryptocurrency YouTube Show and of the iTunes podcast Crypto Disrupted.

At Taliware, Trent is responsible for ICO and the blockchain geo-presence product deployment.

Staci Biggar

Advisor - IoT & Federal Law

Staci Biggar is a Houston-based criminal and family law attorney who has been practicing law for over 20 years. She was a partner at Guerrero & Biggar LLP for more than 15 years before founding her own firm. She is also the former Houston, Texas District Attorney, has served three terms on the Board of Directors of Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, and is a member of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

Staci is Taliware’s product definition advisor focusing on optimizing the delivery of IoT solutions and ensuring that Taliware complies with the U.S.

Brian Spross

Corporate Attorney, Jones and Spross

Brian earned a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering as well a J.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. Former career posts include roles at Trilogy Software/Versata, Lockheed-Martin, Oceaneering Space Systems, Lockheed Missiles, Space Company, and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.

Today Brian is an attorney residing on the cutting edge of technology law with 26 years of experience in the technology space. Acting as an outsourced general counsel for many of his clients, he’s counseled numerous companies from the start-up phase through acquisition. He also has experience negotiating a variety of agreements and deals structures (including licensing, consulting, and outsourcing arrangements), and provides services around entity formation and funding.

Blynn Shideler

Patent Attorney, BLK Law Group

Blynn holds bachelors’ degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in mechanical engineering and engineering and public policy, as well as a law degree from George Washington University.

He has extensive experience as a patent examiner with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, learning the ins and outs of intellectual property law. For four years, Blynn determined the patentability of hundreds of inventions.

Blynn’s familiarity with the frequent updates to the Code of Federal Regulation for patent practices is a resource to fellow attorneys, and his knowledge of patent prosecution from both sides—as an examiner and as a prosecuting attorney—is an advantage he exploits to his clients’ benefit.

William Harvey

Director UI/UX

William Harvey received his bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary computing and the arts from the University of California San Diego, fusing the gap between computers and art. With more than 10 years of hands-on experience working in technology innovation, he’s been given numerous industry accolades, including being a member of the team that won Apple’s 2013 iPad App of the Year award.

At Taliware, he is responsible for all of the geo-presence product design, from product UI to UX to the overall mobile experience.

Omar Khachani

Sr Product QA and API Manager

Omar holds a B.S. and M. S. in computer science and is a strong mobile software QA engineer. He also has experience in email and social media marketing and advertising across platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

He brings a wealth of experience to Taliware in mobile and web software test automation as well as social media community development.

At Taliware, he’s the senior product quality and social media API manager, running the Zendesk support platform and Trello.

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