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Taliware is led by a distinguished multi-national team of academics, computer scientists, and engineers. Taliware continuously pursues technological innovations that enhance operational efficiency and deliver stunning user experiences. Biombeat™ its flagship product, is a secure heart-centric biometric API designed for ECG-ready smartwatches. Biombeat provides persistent identity and geolocation verification, when operating on an ESG-capable smartwatch.

Taliware’s new Cordoba L2™ revolutionizes digital provenance, content authentication, and photo ownership with in-camera blockchain technology. Cordoba L2 provides a streamlined on-blockchain image authentication API for OEMs to integrate into digital consumer smartphones, and digital cameras, enabling one-click image copyright and proof of ownership. Cordoba L2 makes the world’s first fully integrated NFT cameras possible. Cordoba L2 ensures authenticity and traceability, creating a more transparent and trustworthy digital ecosystem for creators, businesses, and consumers. Taliware is a privately held corporation headquartered in San Diego, California.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver convenient, reliable identity authentication, digital asset protection, and secure access solutions across multiple platforms and industry sectors. Visit https://www.taliware.com/ to learn more about Taliware and their dedication to shaping a secure and empowering digital future.

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