Verify and free yourself with the rhythm of your heart.

Unlock your digital world with a new cardiac ecg biometric algorithm designed to help you navigate the modern world while protecting what matters most.

Your identity.

How it works.

Taliware’s API is enabling ECG capable smartwatch to deliver identity-as-service (IDaaS) using the latest in biometric and location identifiers --cardiac rhythm based geo authentication.

By reading the user’s unique cardiac rhythm, our patented biometric application and geo presence help unlock your devices and provide continuous proof of identity.


With Kiverdi

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In the age of continuous connection, Taliware brings partners:

The Taliware API for enabling ECG capatible smartwatches

Always-on contactless access using the next-gen biometrics, cardiac ecg.

Patented geo-based authentication delivering identity + authenticity

Ideas cloud-based authentication for secure single-sign on

Taliware IP

Taliware has been awarded numerous patent application claims and has filed additional patent claims for its cardiac rhythms geo-authentication systems.

We are looking for IP licensing interest from major Smartwatch makers that enable ECG's.

Proof of Presence

Tethers to devices

Always On





Taliware Biometrics Overview


  • The only ECG biometric solution in the world that combines ECG and location to prove identity
  • Powers single sign-on (SSO)
  • Alleviates password fatigue
  • Delivers always on presence
  • Geo-authenticates users


  • Greater potential to limit the cyber threats
  • Online fraud prevention is easier if sellers can seamlessly verify the buyer's location
  • Supports greater 5G and edge needs
  • Enables ubiquitous access to apps
  • Helps guarantee an individual’s proof-of-presence at a specific geolocation


  • Empowers authentication services by synthesizing geolocation with cardiac rhythms as identity.
  • Tethers the individual to their smartphone and their location.
  • Guarantees an individual’s proof-of-presence at their geolocation.
  • Permits access to cell phone apps based on their geo-presence.
  • Enables electronic watermarks to protect ownership and copyrights.


  • Enables a geo-biometric user identification technology platform.
  • Can partition access to cell phone apps based on geo-presence rules
  • Allows for a simple inexpensive method for researchers to validate the time, place and person obtaining the data by electronic watermarking the recordings with the relevant information.


  • Potents to be the next generation personal biometric
  • Records a heart's electrical signal activity
  • Is unique to each person
  • Will always be the same -unless heart disease
  • Exceeds voice recognition biometrics
  • Generates unique cardiac rhythm signatures
  • Provides non-interrupted, continuous authentication


  • An ECG can be a real-time biometric authentication technique and personal heart rhythm monitor
  • An ECG signal has been shown to contain relevant information for human identification
  • An ECG is the individually unique future source for personal geo-presence authentication
  • Your heart can beat faster or slower and the electrical signal shape remains the same.

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