Preserving The Chain of Custody.

Biometric credentials swap service enables the secure, efficient, and integrity-preserving transfer of NFT ownership between two parties.

What is Credentials Swap?

Cordoba L2's blockchain-based NFT Content Credentials Swap API streamlines real-time verification of digital asset ownership during transactions, seamlessly linking the buyer's biometric credentials to the newly acquired digital asset while upholding the integrity of the chain of custody.

How does Content Credentials Swap work in real world applications ?

Protection and Legal standing

As the recipient of the NFT, you gain assurance that the agreement is both tamper-proof and irrefutably linked to your identity, preserving the chain of custody, offering an additional layer of protection and legal standing.

Provenance is The Cornerstone of Digital Asset Value

Secure and Verify Digital Assets with NFTs Credential Swap API Service.


Web3 technology is the future, early adopters stand to gain a significant competitive advantage.


Imagine being at the forefront of disruptive technology, poised for exponential growth.


The earlier you adopt Credentials Swap Technology, the lower the cost and the greater the rewards.

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