What does it mean to have an ECG biometric on my wrist?

What is an ECG (or EKG)? By Jane Lalonde, a 4-minute read.

Your heart beats because of an electrical signal that causes the top and then the bottom heart valves to squeeze in order to pump blood.

Traditional and very expensive EKG machines use 12 leads with electrodes that are attached all over your body to measure the electrical signals. All of these different electrodes can evaluate the heart's electrical activity in three directions (right to left, up and down, and front to back).

With an EKG, doctors can examine the rhythm and speed of how this electrical signal moves through your heart to detect all sorts of problems, from harmless irregular rhythms (also called arrhythmias) to cardiac arrest.

How does the Apple Watch ECG app work, for example?

The Apple Watch Series 4 + 5 is equipped with an electrode in its digital crown and a layer of chromium silicon carbon nitride on the part of the watch that rests against your skin.

By opening the ECG App and then holding your finger on the crown while the watch is on your wrist, you create a closed circuit that allows the watch to perform an EKG.

The Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to be released at this year’s edition of Apple’s WWDC, which will be online-only due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Apple has recently filed a number of Touch ID-related patents, including one for placing a fingerprint sensor in the crown of the Apple Watch. SOURCE: BIOMETRICS.COM
IoT-driven smartwatches are a key trend that will not only operate as a standalone technology but interact with other IoT-devices to vastly improve a user's quality of life." SOURCE: RESEARCH & MARKETS

We're hoping that the next advancements in ecg-wearables gets to the heart of things--safeguarding your digital identity.